Black and White Challenge Jitters

I got one of those challenges on Facebook to post a black and white picture every day for one week from my friend Teresa Stenzel. I was initially thrilled because my photography has been lagging (stupid day job). But then I got performance anxiety. So in preparation, I went through some old photographs to look for inspiration and found some that I had forgotten about.

Like a series I started on kitchen utensils and cutlery that I never finished.


Is it me, or are forks sort of sexy? (Probably me.)


This weird solar halo.


And the beginning of a series I wanted to do on school supplies. You know how every August, everything is all about school supplies, and the ads make school look so colorful and fun? Like two exclamation points fun?

school supplies

I want to do a series of photos of school supplies that show how teachers feel about school supplies in August. I only got one done, though.


but you get the idea right? School supplies as objects of horror.

Anyway, guess I should start that challenge . . .

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