Sunrise at Madison Arm

Even though we were at Yellowstone in mid-September, we were unable to find a camping spot at any of the park grounds, so we ventured into West Yellowstone for dinner and then headed toward a resort on Madison Arm. It was way overpriced, even though it included wifi (??) and a shower, but we were too tired to mind and, in fact, too tired to even set up our tent. We just threw our sleeping bags on a tarp and fell asleep. This turned out to be an awesome turn of events because I woke up with the sun and to a view of a dock with a lone boat and a misty lake.




I’m still having this debate  with color versus black and white, by the way, so I’m compelled to include these near duplicates as well.



On the other side of the lake, more awesomeness was going on.


But the best thing about the whole morning was hearing a wolf howl just as I was taking this picture.


Bliss . . .

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