Some More Random Yellowstone Pics

Not that I didn’t love Yellowstone or anything, but I fell in love with the Tetons and I can’t WAIT to get to those pictures, so I’m rushing through Yellowstone, much as we did–we only spent two days there. I’ll admit that part of the problem was that it was so crowded.

But I must give the Yellowstone landscape its due before I leave it. I mean, this is the view that first greeted us when we re-entered the park. Sigh.


What makes Yellowstone so strange–and I’m going to be a bit scientific here, so try to keep up–is the combination of hot stuff and cold stuff. There’s frost on the ground but steam in the air. Both make for some pretty cool effects, like sharp shafts of sunlight.


And weird mist that turns everything into a scene out of Sleepy Hollow.


And look at these freaking spiderwebs!



Oh, and yeah some geysers and hot springs and waterfalls and stuff. This is Porcelain Basin, which, I think, lives up to its name. (See? People everywhere.)


Here’s a closer look at those colors.



Even dead trees look pretty in Yellowstone.


And there are some nice little waterfalls, like Gibbon Falls.


And a really big freaking canyon with a really big freaking waterfall.



So, I don’t mean to pooh-pooh Yellowstone by any means. It’s unique and beautiful and JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE ALL THE ANIMALS WE SAW THERE. I would love to see it in winter. I’m rushing through it–much as we did on our trip–only because I can’t wait to get to the Tetons. Oh my.

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