Bearizona Haikus

To maximize pleasure, study picture first, then read following haiku.

Bear sits like human
but would like to eat my face
Looks are deceiving.

The distance between
the eyes of the big horn sheep:
way too freaking far.

Goat chews, and I say,
“He is singing!” because I

Oh, Javelina!
Why deserve I such disdain?
Cruellest ungulate.

Otters in a row.
If every day were so,
happy would I be.

“Wouldn’t it be cool
to meet a wolf in the wild?”
Said before thinking.

Bison, while no bull,
you remind me of that one
Bugs Bunny cartoon.

5 thoughts on “Bearizona Haikus

      1. Yes what he shows there is a mountain goat but yours are bighorn sheep … tan with curled horns vs. white with straighter horns. We have bighorn sheep near my home in Colorado. 🙂

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