Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier is a really fascinating park housing Pueblo ruins. Some of those ruins are at ground level.



But for me, the more fascinating structures are built into the cliffs.



There are other structures right in the rock that you access by ladder, but you will not find a picture of those structures for two reasons. 1) This girl is claustrophobic, especially when there is even a .001% chance that she might get caught in a small place that is also crowded with people. 2) Even though it was Thanksgiving, Bandelier was pretty crowded (meaning, in my definition, that we weren’t entirely alone), and people really liked having their picture taken sitting in one of the cave openings and then their picture taken with a kid in their lap and then a picture taken with the kid in between the grandparents and then a picture taken with the whole family and . . . you get the idea.

I’ve gotta admit, too–though it’s probably obvious from this blog–that I don’t care much for man-made structures of any kind. I prefer pure, unadulterated nature. So what caught my eye especially were the really cool rock formations.





In black and white, there’s something weirdly skeletal about it–looks like dinosaur bones just being uncovered or something.

bw rocks

bw rocks2

I like this tree: lonely yet triumphant.

bw tree

I don’t just like that tree; I admire that tree. (That might be telling you a bit more about my mental state these days than you care to know.)

My favorite image of the day was this weird little rock formation that to me looks like a tortured soul.


(Also a projection of my current psychology? You decide!)

Even the woods were pretty darn pretty.


Bonus: not far from Bandelier is a nice overlook called White Rock Overlook. Worth a look-see, I think. Here’s what awaits you as you look to the right

white rock viewpoint

and to the left.

white rock viewpoint2

Not too shabby, New Mexico.

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