Peter Iredale Shipwreck

I’ve wanted to get a picture of the Peter Iredale shipwreck since I discovered it, and I got really really lucky. Just as we were arriving, the sunset sprang into amazing color. I was on the beach with a half dozen other people, and we all just kept looking at each other like, “Holy crap, can you believe this?”

Anyway, apologies for the repetitiveness of the pictures, but here are my favorites, narrowed down from a batch of about 2,312 shots.





2 thoughts on “Peter Iredale Shipwreck

  1. Those are awesome!

    I move my stuff to the new house on November 10th, but have to come back here and sleep on the floor until I get a certificate of occupancy. Still don’t have electricity of water.

    Looking forward to seeing you. I hope you two, I mean four, are well.


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