Grand Canyon Take Two

This time I did it right. Or so I thought. Got up in the middle of the night (actually never went to bed), had a hearty breakfast at IHOP, then drove to the Grand Canyon. Got there around 3:30 am, stumbled around in the dark looking for a bathroom (you know: coffee), and boarded the 4:30 am shuttle.

Pre-sunset found me with two other couples standing at Powell Point. It was cold and windy as hell, but the clouds looked so promising.



Kept thinking ohmygodohmygod all of those clouds are going to light up all pink and purple, and it is going to be GLORIOUS.

Only that didn’t happen. A bunch of clouds at the horizon kept sunrise from really happening at all. Just went from dark to a little less dark, something like this:



But that was okay. Those clouds stuck around, and I got to try out my wide-angle lens.



But . . . clouds make for weird shadows, too, and I’m not really happy with how any of them came out. Took lots of pictures–had very few keepers.

This is all to say that Grand Canyon Take Three is happening soon. I’ve got a friend who hasn’t seen the Grand Canyon yet, and she’s agreed to venture back out there with me tonight. Fingers crossed for those pinks and purples, please.


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