Washington-Idaho-Montana 2015

Well, I’ve got a new job, and it’s meant that I’ve had a lot less time to work on photography . . . or do much of anything at all. So, as I was looking back wistfully at the ole archive, I realized I never posted images from the Washington-Idaho-Montana trip that we took in 2015. So, here they are.

Spokane River . . . can never tell if color or black and white is better.


This one’s got just a hint of color:


These were taken at Flathead Lake, Montana. Again, having a problem deciding between black and white or color with the boat.


We spent most of our time in Glacier National Park. Started off at Avalanche Creek.


stopped at some beautiful waterfalls along the way


to Logan Pass, which looks like this


and this


and this


and like this in black and white.


But the best part of the Glacier part of the trip was a two-night back-pack that we did. We hiked into the Belly River valley.


found another awesome waterfall,


then camped on Elizabeth Lake.


The next morning, we hiked over Redgap Pass, which lived up to its name


and over to Poia Lake (aka the Lake of Many Vowels or the Crappy Scrabble Tiles Lake). Poia Lake had a cute little bridge, and nearby was this really cool mountain covered with dead branches, which I’m pretty sure should be presented in black and white.


We got treated to a heck of a sunset that evening, which obviously should be in color.


I can’t say the same about the sky the next morning.


On the way out, we hiked past–yep, you guessed it–another awesome waterfall.


and came out near Many Glacier Lodge, which is on Swiftcurrent Lake and looks like this:


The bummer was that there were a couple fires some distance away when we were there, so everything looked a little hazy.

And before we left, one more stop at Lake Macdonald, an area which has unfortunately been ravaged by a fire that was not some distance away, which looked impressive in black and white and color.


Ah, Glacier . . .

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