Little Wild Horse Canyon

I’ve been to several slot canyons (Buckskin Gulch, Willis Creek, Bull Valley, Antelope Canyon, Waterholes, Red Canyon), but my favorite so far is Little Wild Horse. Even before it does its full-on slot canyon thing, the rocks are just gorgeous in terms of color and texture. So gorgeous, in fact, that I will probably have to do another post about rock details (OMG, are you sure you can handle the wait??).



Easy to navigate, too. When we went in November, we didn’t have to deal with any pools of stagnant, freezing water or many other obstacles. It did get increasingly rocky,




and we had to scramble over some boulders,


and duck under another,


but even the rocks blocking the way were beautiful. I mean, look at this one with the stripe.


At times, the canyon was very squiggly.




but I got more of a sense of claustrophobia the canyon’s narrowness during this straight part.


At several points, I had to turn sidewise just to get through.

But the COLORS. And the TEXTURES.


This was my favorite spot.


The lines, the colors–it doesn’t even look real!


Hoping that in the near future we will take a trip to some slot canyons in the Escalante. And I need to go back to Antelope.

2 thoughts on “Little Wild Horse Canyon

  1. I want to go there so bad. Great photos.

    Check this out:


    Flash Flood Caught on Camera! Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon We were caught in a flash flood in one of Utah’s most famous slot canyons. We checked the weather the day prior and there was no chance of rain..we were out of cell …


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