Moab: Desert Frost

In Moab, we camped at Sand Flats, which has slickrock trails for mountain bikers and ATVs. It also has a killer view of the La Sal mountains at sunset.


At night, temperatures ran into the 20s, but we made good use of our canine heaters, Daisy and Alice.

Though nighttime was less than pleasant, in the mornings we woke up to a frost-covered desert landscape, which I took approximately 1,017 pictures of. I don’t know if the pictures are all that interesting to anyone else, but they were damn fun to take.



Frost particles (if that’s not the right word, please substitute “thingies”) are sort of shocking in length sometimes.


I love the way that frost freezes blades of grass into lovely curves.






And how everything in shade takes just a bit longer to melt.


I was particularly taken with these dead yellow flowers. Little pinwheels.



Need to play more with aperture or maybe focus stacking. I was aiming to blur out a lot of the background, but I think some of these pictures could use a bit more depth of field.


Later, we went for a hike (well, I hiked and Bob biked) and I found pockets of leaves still frosted in a canyon.


And in case that made you cold, here’s a picture of a warm-looking water reflection at sunset.



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