Zion National Park: Sunrises and Sunsets

After sharing my first sunrise with 40 other photographers, I decided I was going to seek out my own locations. Turns out The Watchman is pretty beautiful at both of those times of day.

For sunset, I took a walk along the river until I found a spot where the water was relatively still. My only company at first was one guy; a bit later, another man showed up with his wife. Everyone was very nice and helpful. We got some clouds, some color, AND a reflection.



Then, on the walk back to my campground on the Pa’rus Trail, I got this late night view.


Next morning, I decided to go seek out a sunrise spot with roughly the same view. This one, I had all to myself.


And then on the way back to my campground, this.


Sunset I went searching for something different and found this spot.


Not much happened at sunset, unfortunately, but I had the place to myself.

On my last day, I decided to get up really early and drive to the Canyon Overlook, a more official sunrise location, thinking (foolishly) I might have it to myself. There were four other people there: two photographers and a nice couple from New Zealand.

I gotta say again that this “official” spot was not my favorite.



Or maybe I just don’t know how to photograph big and sweeping vistas.

Regardless, I say–go find your own sunrises and sunsets.

3 thoughts on “Zion National Park: Sunrises and Sunsets

  1. Love those sunrises and sunsets with water! I’m with you, though, the official views don’t do much for me.


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