Zion National Park: The Official Landmarks

I’ve been to Zion a couple of times now, but I made it my mission on this trip to get to know the park as intimately as possible, to walk more than drive or ride the shuttle, and to really pay attention to both the big and small, the official and the unofficial. This post is about the big and official.

This is the Court of the Patriarchs. From left to right, meet Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Here’s upper Emerald Pool


and the pulpit at the Temple of Sinawava.


Here’s one of the canyon walls that you can see from Big Bend.


To be honest, it’s not all that interesting except for the fact that there are FREAKING ROCK CLIMBERS ON IT.


The hardest landmarks to photograph were The Great White Throne and The Organ. They are huge, and there are no easy vantage points. I ended up having take a bunch of shots and then stitch them together. After a couple hours of work–no joke!–I got some sort of meh results.

Here’s The Organ.


And here’s The Great White Throne.


But I think these big sweeping shots are less interesting than details. Here are the close-ups of The Organ that I prefer. .



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