Zion National Park: Sunrise at Towers of the Virgin

I got into Zion a bit too late to get set up for sunset. Forty-five minutes before found me scrambling up the Watchman Trail. Though the trail was steep, it does offer gorgeous vistas, though I personally found the view of the Watchman less impressive than a lot of the surrounding scenery. watchmantrail.jpg

And thus began a theme.

The next morning I got up bright and early and headed out to what I had read was a prime sunrise location: the Towers of the Virgin, right behind the Human History Museum.

Apparently, some other people had heard of it, too.


Drama ensued almost immediately when another photographer proceeded to walk  in front of the established line. Someone said, “Hey, mister, you’re going to be in our shot.” And he yelled back, “That’s unfortunate!”

My first reaction was “What a douchebag!” My second was that perhaps we, the line of photographers, were the douchebags.


What I decided was that it wasn’t the action that was douche-y so much as the manner in which it was carried out.

The irony of the whole situation was that the spot ended up being a pretty blah place for sunrise. Here’s what it looked like, in a series of panoramas, in which the douchebag has been strategically cropped out.


Kinda boring, no? Meanwhile, behind us this was going on,


but apparently that was not the “official,” the photograph-worthy view.

As I often do, I managed to transform the entire experience into some life lesson about how we should all find our own sunrises and sunsets. Which I did.







2 thoughts on “Zion National Park: Sunrise at Towers of the Virgin

  1. It’s always the shots you don’t think will be that great that turn out amazing! Love this (and laughed at the douchebag comments) plus yourtheme at the end!

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