Death Valley: Zabriskie Point

Last night of the Yosemite trip was spent in Death Valley because it was on the way; otherwise, I could NEVER have convinced B. to detour. He had his eyes set on a hot shower.

By this point, we were also a little heartbroken from so many sunrises and sunsets that never came to be, so we didn’t make much effort finding a photo spot: Zabriskie Point, a few miles from our campground in Texas Springs (the BEST campground in Furnace Creek).

Zabriskie Point is cool because there’s something to see in almost every direction, which is why it is popular for both sunrise and sunset.

At sunset, I tried for that cool star effect with the sun, but failed.


B. said the trick is to pick a really small aperture, like f22 or something. A pinhole. Something to try for next time.

On another side was this great yellow wave formation.


I tried something new this time, though, by putting PEOPLE in the shots. How daring! While I always feel like a person in the shot is a sign of failure, I keep hearing that people “humanize” landscapes and also give them some sense of scale.

So, without further ado, I present you:

“People in my shot at sunrise”

people looking.jpg

and “Lovebirds in my shot at sunset.”


Whatcha think? People or peopleless?

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