The Devil’s Postpile (and June Lake)

I feel sorry for National Monuments. Compared to National Parks, they just don’t get their propers. There are so many monuments I haven’t even heard of.

Then again, that means that far fewer people go to National Monuments, which might make monuments my new favorite places.

At any rate, I had never heard of The Devil’s Postpile National Monument. It was a bit of a drive to get there, and I’m not sure I’d ever need to go back, but I’m glad I saw it.

The Devil’s Postpile is, and I’m quoting the NPS here, “one of the world’s finest examples of columnar basalt.” I can’t tell you much about columnar basalt, but it was featured in a Harry Potter movie.  (I can’t even tell you which one. Bob thinks it was “part one of the last one.”) And I know there are examples in Iceland. And Scotland.

Columnar basalt is naturally occurring and results in hexagonal-shaped columns of rock. They look manmade. I can just imagine the first person coming across the postpile and wondering what the hell was up.


The coolest thing about the Postpile is that you can climb to the top of it and get a very different perspective of things.


It’s a relatively small area, but worth a visit.

And if you’re in that area, might as well take a look at June Lake. Purty.


Easy stop off a scenic road that isn’t a loop.

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