Yosemite Day 2

We may have been cheated out of a sunset on our first night, but the sunrise more than made up for it. At least I thought so. B. thought it was “meh.”



We cooked up some oatmeal in the parking lot of one viewpoint and drew the attention of some ravens. B. said they were not worth my photographic efforts (i.e., they were, in other words, “meh”), but I beg to differ.



We then made the short and not-really-so-steep hike up to the top of Sentinel Dome, which offers a 360 degree view, which I would have recorded for you if I knew how to do that. (I will learn soon.) I once again present you with two roughly equivalent panoramas.


Back on the valley floor, we admired Yosemite Falls from afar,  but B. said because it was cloudy, the fall colors were “meh.”

I marveled at the magnificence of El Cap, but B. didn’t even get out his camera because he said the light was “meh.” (Do you see a theme?)


The day was very cloudy, which did make sweeping landscape shots somewhat less appealing, but as my next post will explain, this gave me a lot of opportunity to experiment with other types of photography involving rivers and watering things and other wet stuff I don’t often encounter in Arizona.

P.S. The leaves in Yosemite are giant. As big as my head. Don’t believe me?





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