Yosemite National Park: Day 1

The first day of our visit to Yosemite was spent taking in some of the park’s most iconic views. We hit Glacier Point at mid-morning and were greeted not only by an amazing view of Yosemite Valley but also by some spectacular clouds, both above and below.

I will now bore you with five very similar pictures.




Is it obvious that I have a total nature crush on Half Dome?

Well, then it should be equally obvious that I have a total nature crush on El Capitan, which we ogled next from Tunnel View. Here are three very similar pictures of that view.


In fact, Tunnel View was so awesome that I returned there to take another very similar shot of sunset, only sunset never happened, even though there were a bunch of really cool clouds just waiting to turn pink.


It would have been sort of sad and lonely waiting for the sunset that would never arrive were it not for the fact that I was surrounded by approximately 714 other photographers doing exactly the same thing. I ended up in a very nice conversation with one of the only other women there about views and hikes and sunrises.

And did I mention that earlier in the day I walked within ten feet of a mama deer and her babies, and they didn’t even flinch–just went on munching on acorns.


It made me very very happy. And is it me, or does mama deer look like she’s smiling in this picture?



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