While I was walking around in awe of the fall colors the other day, I saw some leaves nestled in a trunk. Hand to God, I did not arrange these at all.



I then found myself trying to take close-up pictures of leaves for the next half hour or so, with the challenge being that I was not allowed to arrange the leaves myself (much; I did pluck obstructing blades of grass, etc).

Very quickly I realized that I didn’t really have the lens for these shots. I almost consistently use my kit lens because I’m poor I resist the idea that photography depends on expensive equipment. To make up for the lens’ failing,  I decided to do some focus stacking–basically you take lots of different shots of the same picture with different areas in focus and then blend them together in Photoshop. Still, there is an annoying lack of sharpness.

Without further ado, I present leaves. Sorry if it gets a bit repetitive.




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