Color or BW?

I had to do a focus stacking assignment for my Advanced Photography class the other day, and I chose as my subject a calla lily. I took about ten shots and merged them in Photoshop. Here’s the color version:


And here’s the black and white, which is what I ultimately submitted:


(P.S. That cool reflection beneath the flower is just how our wooden kitchen table reflects whatever’s on it, no fancy post-processing or anything.)

Anyway, I turned in the black-and-white image only because most people I showed seemed to prefer it, but for the life of me, I don’t know why. Anyone have a particular preference for one image over the other, and can you explain why?

4 thoughts on “Color or BW?

  1. Hmm I think I like the color one because it brings out details of the flower . From the black and white, u might assume the color is the same throughout but if it was color, you see the yellow and the gradually change to white .

  2. I’m in the color camp as well. The B&W is lovely, but the color version draws my eye deep into the flower and holds it there.

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