Red Canyon

Antelope Canyon is probably one of the most famous and photographed slot canyons in the world. This means that it is also expensive to see and that when you go, you will be fighting for elbow room with a bunch of other folks. And if you’re trying to take pictures, no fun. Especially if, like me, you have a little Canon T3 Rebel and the dude you’re next to is rocking a set-up equivalent to six months of your salary and has come on a special trip from a foreign land (probably Germany) just for this photo opportunity, not driven three hours down the road from home. Just don’t feel quite right about interrupting his once-in-a-lifetime trip so that I can snap a few pics.

But we heard there was another pretty awesome slot canyon outside of Kanab. It took a bit of getting to, but well worth it. No entrance fee, and although a tour group did show up (chauffeured in a very fancy jeep advertising ADVENTURE), there was more than enough canyon for all of us.

Shooting pictures in a slot canyon is a bitch. You’ve got all these variables to deal with, not least of which is the high contrast between light and dark spots. And how do you give people the impression of claustrophobia and yet coziness that you feel inside. How can you capture all the textures? I don’t have the skills for that. To top it all off, my tripod started malfunctioning right in the middle of everything. So, I can’t say I’m thrilled with these pictures, but I’m posting ’em anyway. Suggestions ALWAYS welcome about how to improve.

At first, I was wondering why the place wasn’t called “Orange Canyon.”






Once you get in a bit further, it starts to earn its name.








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