Creepy Dolls: The Finale

In photography class last semester, I had to make a photo book. I opted instead to make a kid’s story staring all my favorite creepy dolls. The book was pretty lame, but some of the pictures came out the way I wanted.Proejct-1









But my favorite is this one, which involved some serious focus stacking.


The good news is that I think I’m finally over the creepy dolls thing. What to do with that binful of heads and arms and torsos?

4 thoughts on “Creepy Dolls: The Finale

  1. Fun photos, just as full of personality as usual. I can’t quite decide is the first doll is exhibiting his baby-back-fat or his six-pack. Either way, he will haunt me when I blink.

    As for the bin full of doll parts, I vote for using them as office decorations to freak out new students. Or just give them to a child with a strong stomach and a dark side.

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