The Colors of Death Valley

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to go to Death Valley. I pictured a barren wasteland–miles of sand, a featureless landscape with little life and little color.

First, let’s talk topography . . . I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it, but Death Valley is literally a valley. Well, actually a bunch of valleys. And a bunch of canyons. And within one view you can see Badwater Basin at about 280 feet below sea level and  Mt. Whitney, at over 14,000. So, yeah, so much for that featureless landscape.

But what I wasn’t expecting were all the different colors, from magentas and purples . . .

DValley-3to the blue-grays of the alluvial fans . . .


to some amazing oranges and golds, especially closer to sunset . . .DValley-10

. . . pinks and peaches . . .


. . . and every shade of brown you could ever want.


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