Death Valley: Devil’s Golf Course

Not far from Badwater Basin, there’s an area called the Devil’s Golf Course. You can see why. DValley-5

It’s basically a field of salt crystals. You can walk out into it, but it’s not easy, and sometimes it hurts. DValley-22

Here’s some up close.

When you stand out in it, the formations go up to your knees (if you’re short like me). Trippy.

I saw so little of Death Valley, but it seems like there’s something bizarre around every corner. I can’t wait to go back . . . next winter.

5 thoughts on “Death Valley: Devil’s Golf Course

      1. What’s the temperature like in winter? what sort of gear should I bring? I’m from the UK you see, so not too familiar with the climate around that neck of the woods (or lack of it, come to think of it :P)

      2. We camped and really didn’t bring much: typically camping gear. We went in the first week of January, and temperatures were perfect–mid-70s, I think. Friends were just there last week and said temps were in the mid-80s. Of course it gets a lot colder at night, so you’ll want to bring a range of clothes.

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