One of the first things I have to do every morning is walk Daisy. If I don’t, she will eat something not meant to be eaten. As we headed into winter, I began to resent this chore. Much as I love my dog, I am not a morning person (and ohmygod Daisy is; if she were human, she’d be this guy), and the only thing I find romantic about cold, dark winter mornings is my pillow. So, to make things a little more fun, I gave myself the challenge of trying to take at least one picture on every walk with just the camera on my phone.

Two things came of this.

First, a major blow to the self-esteem when I realize just how good my phone takes pictures. Far better than me after three classes and using fancy lenses and f-stops and iso settings.

Second, a collection of pictures that I really liked when I took them but now can no longer tell if they are a bit interesting or entirely meh.

But since I haven’t posted in ages, I figured they were better than nothing.

So without further ado (and in an appropriately pretentious voice of your choosing), I present to you a collection of photographs I made (cuz real photographers make pictures rather than take them) that I call “Frost.”





6 thoughts on “Frost

  1. First, I’m glad you’re “back” because I enjoy your posts. Second, Frost photo #2 is my favorite. Dare I “wax poetic” and declare I identify with the symbolism of photo #2 of being alone amongst a crowd? Just beautiful.

  2. You know, you’re making me miss winter days. You’ll need a different set of photographs and a hella suave pretentious voice to convince me about winter nights, but still…

    Beautiful photographs and I agree about #2. The flowers look like frost-crusted fireworks about to go off.

    Also, that leaf has the same grainy texture as the surrounding ice. Nice details.

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