In praise of wasting time

One of the first “prescriptions” I got from a counselor about how to lower stress and increase happiness was to waste an hour every day.

My first response–can I see your qualifications again?

My second–okay, if you say so. Piece of cake.

Only it wasn’t. For someone like me, who never feels like she gets enough done, wasting an hour a day on purpose was excruciating.

Don’t get me wrong: I can waste an hour on accident like no one’s business. I’ve probably watched fifteen episodes of Disappeared in the last week alone.

But wasting time intentionally, meaningfully? That’s a tough one.

My biggest hesitation about getting a dog had to do with time. Did I have enough to give? Would walking the dog feel like a waste of time?

The most fortunate surprise is that I don’t take Daisy for walks. She takes me for walks. And even when I’m up to my eyeballs in work, walking her feels like some of the best spent time of my day. Here’s why.

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Daisy knows the importance of wasting time. Actually, I’m not quite sure that’s right.

I bet there is very little that Daisy would consider a waste of time because she does almost everything intentionally. And she’s probably the happiest being I know.

Let’s all take a lesson from Daisy.

5 thoughts on “In praise of wasting time

  1. What a happy and directed looking pooch. I love the length of her whiskers (reminds me of my old dog) and she certainly appears to have grown since that photo you sent me a few months ago.

    This therapist is totally playing some reverse psychology with you. How exactly can one “waste” time intentionally? Maybe it’s just semantics getting my goat, but I don’t think those words in that order are possible.

    Anyhoo, walking through the forest watching a gambolling doggie is one of the best ways to allow yourself joy that I can think of.

      1. That’s what I meant. He’s trying to use that subtle, jedi-mind-trick psychology. Maybe because he knows he’s talking to a wily individual… 😉

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